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Everything’s so blurry


This is a bit of a different subject for me, but I felt the need to say something. I know that people are hurting right now, there are lots of people that are unemployed and just need someone to give em a few bucks to help them get by but its getting bad. Ben and I went out to the loop (a popular  shopping and entertainment spot in St.Louis) and we got stopped 3 times in the 15 minutes we were there. We managed to avoid one guy who always sits on the same spot, so we didn’t cross the street until after we had passed him, which sounds like we were avoiding him, which I guess we were but he is out there every time I go to the loop.

The first person to actually stop us had stopped us once before, and had given us some story about how she was pregnant and just needed some money for some food and saying she hadn’t eaten in days. Back then I felt bad for her, but when I saw her yesterday I had to resist the urge to say something about that particular time. We only stopped long enough for her to say ” do you guys have a dollar I could have?”, which I didn’t.

The second person was a guy, who looked to be in his mid 40’s. This guy was good, in fact if I had any money he might have gotten it. He told us his story about how in the past he used to be a drug addict and he had 2 kids and there hungry and cold and there just trying to get home. At first it seemed as if he was asking for a ride, which there was no way he was getting, but then he suddenly made his intentions clear when he said he didn’t have enough money for his bus ride home, then he asked for $3. Looking at this man, I almost felt sorry, he did look a little dirty and sort of like he hadn’t gotten to shower in a day or two. Once again, I couldn’t help him even if I wanted to, I had no cash.

The third and final time we got stopped was the quickest of the three. It was a older lady, maybe mid to late 50’s…in fact should could have been 60. Her story was that she has a baby at home and she ran out of diapers, the only thing  I could say was sorry.

Despite the fact that I didn’t have any money, the few dishonest people in the world have made it hard to believe anyone’s story, no matter how tragic it may or may not be. I try and at lest listen to everyone’s story, because I to have been on the down and out, maybe not to the extreme that those who are begging for money are but in my own way.

I watched so many people just pretend that they were too good to even say hi to those people, and I just started thinking…

…. Everyone deserves to have there story heard….

…see everyone next week…


Just My Luck


 So I was planing to focus on one topic in this post, however, I regret to inform you that based on the events that have happened just prior to this posting being written, it will be rather long and rambling. So as you all I know I was asked to go to New York with my brother, I was going to pretty much experience what the city has to offer to an extent. Well…now that has changed considerably  There is still a trip and it will be to the east coast, but it will not be directly to the New York/New Jersey area…instead it is somewhere in northern Delaware.  Apparently it’s within about two hours of New York and a hour away from Philadelphia, but with it not being the the place I’d always dreamed of going…it leaves me with the question…should I still go? If I do I realize that means I’m probably going to be sitting in a hotel the majority of the time. So far I’m still undecided…

Next up, I officially added my lovely girlfriend, Jess, as an editor on this blog, so please feel free to leave a comment on here thanking her for correcting my horrible spelling and grammar.

I have decided however to go ahead and get the camera equipment I was wanted before going to on the trip, regardless of if I go or where it is that I may be going. I figure it’s not just something I’ll use on trip, it’s something I’ve been looking into for at lest a year, but I’m almost sure it’s in the area of two to three years. Before you ask…if I do go on the trip…regardless of the location i will still be taking pictures along the way, which will then be edited and uploaded to the interwebs.

Yesterday I went and picked up my cousin from his house for a weeks long stay at my house in order to finish a commission that he’s doing for my friend Ben. Needless to say, I was up late last night playing video games and working with him on said commission.

Alright, so here’s the real pain in my behind. This morning I grabbed my laptop which had been put into sleep mode the night before, and set aside while not being used (even though I thought it was going to be a matter of about an hour or so, which turned into it sitting there unused all night), and when I started it back up there was a little icon in the bottom corner of the screen showing a little red “X” by my battery icon. Which, after hovering my cursor over, means that there is a problem with my battery, which you may know that I’ve had for less than a week… ONE WEEK!!!!! Actually I personally haven’t even had it a week, I got it this past Sunday and it is officially Saturday morning. Anyway, I tried restarting my computer and blowing some canned air in the battery slot on my laptop to make sure it wasn’t just some access dirt or something that had made its way in there…but no…nothing helped. Since I got it as a payment from a friend for doing a custom layout for one of his social networking pages, he ordered it via his eBay account…now, granted I do know the password for it, it is going to be rather hard to work all this out, given that I wont get any sort of alert that the seller has replied to my message unless I happen to think to log into the account and…well you get the idea…What a wonderful way to start your morning. Now it’s not just a “man-this-blows” moment because my battery is faulty, but it sucks even more because the seller doesn’t cover return shipping costs and there’s sort of a time crunch to get a replacement if I wanna get everything back up and running in case I decide to go on that trip. What a great way to start a day, am I right??

Since you all stayed with me, and read through all of my ramblings, I’m going to give you guys a special something. Ok, most of you wont care but its the thought that counts isn’t it?

As very few of you may know I’m a mincraft fan, and I do try to build realistic things in it from time to time (I play on Xbox 360, and no I don’t have Xbox Live). Last night I started rebuilding the single biggest thing I had ever attempted  Awhile back I started building  a hockey arena, and I had it close to completion but I lost the flash drive that particular world was saved on. So since I had more than just myself to actually build it  I went ahead and started. I didn’t finish it but I did get the ice laid down and a decent amount of the seating put in on once side…so today’s treat is…a scan of the  little blueprint that i made up for the ice its self. Showing you where all the lines go and how many blocks and blah blah blah. Sooo, for those of you who care, please enjoy…and no I’m not going to give you the information on how to build the rest of the arena. That’s for me to know and you…well I’m sure you’ll see the arena but I’m not gonna say you’ll find out how I made it.

Until next time, Stay classy WordPress…oh and keep a eye on your laptop battery.

*I wonder what else will happen today*