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…when did I become a teacher?…


A friend of mine came to me today asking if I have any pointers for someone starting out in photography. For some reason I had this out of body experience where I was telling him yes I had pointers but if I was going to teach him it was gonna be the right way, which meant giving him a crash course in every aspect of photography the way I see it. I Found myself typing out this “lesson” which I tell him to go take this many pictures and this many should be in this setting, this many should be of this other setting and this many should have this particular element in them. I Saw myself  Finishing up the word document and I was blown away, it sounded super official and like I was some sort of professional photography teacher, hell normally I don’t even call myself a photographer, let alone a teacher. After typing out his first lesson, I went ahead and sent it to him, and I found myself thinking towards the future lessons I had in mind.

Anyways, I’m gonna stick with it and continue to teach him everything that I know. Why not? Perhaps I’ll teach him something useful, or that he will actually learn something and still enjoy running around with his face pressed up against the back of his camera with his eye mashed into the view finder.

I wish someone would have taught me on a more personal level. I learned everything threw looking at photos and reading Q&A sections posted online with some of my favorite photographers. I did have some instruction threw the editing process but nothing really with the actually capturing of the photograph its self. I’m not trying to complain, in fact I find it humbling that someone likes what I’ve done enough to ask me to teach them about it, even thought I’ve still got ton’s to learn.

If you would like to get the “lessons” that I’m giving my “student” comment or email me, perhaps I’ll agree to teach you what I know as well.