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Some time ago I decided to use this blog as a way to display all the graphic design and artwork that I felt was good but not quite portfolio good, although I do have something to say and I’m going to use this as my platform to say it on.  

Sometime ago I said that I would be doing a Q&A video on my YouTube Channel when I hit 25  subscribers. But now…. as off just a moment ago… My channel hit 26 subscribers, yet I have not gotten a single question to answer…I guess I’ll just have to make one when ever I start getting questions?


A Change In Direction


I’ve decided to take this blog in a new direction. As I’ve seen myself get more followers and favorites on, one thing has become clear. I want a space that I can share my work and my thoughts on it, as well as to give my readers a freebie from time. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to turn “What’s My Age Again?” Into a place I can share things I wouldn’t post on Most of my ideas are more of the graphic design persuasion, but who knows maybe there will be a sketch or two or maybe explaining how I did a particular effect when editing a photo. 

For those of you who were fan’s of my ramblings and random stories, never fear. I’ve been daily vlogging again…in fact I’m up to day 110 (which means 110 strait days). You can find my vlogs by following the link below.

Searching for a new way to get lost


Lately my life has become cluttered with social events, romantic landmarks and just personal roadblocks that have somehow halted me in my path to getting to where I think I want to be. Now normally you would hear about how some unplanned event stopped someone from doing a particular event that had been planned, but this…well you can’t plan this.

It seems like everything around me is either standing still or moving so slow you can’t tell it’s even moving, and even though I would hate to admit this, my artistic mind…well that’s one of those slow moving elements in my life. I haven’t touched my studio in what seems like forever…which makes me question having it some days.

I’ve found myself holding back my true thoughts and feelings from those around me. The one’s who used to encourage the inspiration to flow, well some of them have now become more of a, well they have sorta stopped it. I won’t say who exactly I get this huge stressed out feeling from because I know they would be offended, but I can’t help it if they always leave me feeling stressed out and inspirationally drained.

Some people have referred me to articles saying thirty thousand different ways to regain the inspiration that I have seemingly lost. But when it comes down to it maybe I just need to start with turning off the outside world when I’m trying to work…maybe that could help start to regain some of what has been lost. If not, well then it looks like I might have to start resorting to more drastic measures.

Everything’s so blurry


This is a bit of a different subject for me, but I felt the need to say something. I know that people are hurting right now, there are lots of people that are unemployed and just need someone to give em a few bucks to help them get by but its getting bad. Ben and I went out to the loop (a popular  shopping and entertainment spot in St.Louis) and we got stopped 3 times in the 15 minutes we were there. We managed to avoid one guy who always sits on the same spot, so we didn’t cross the street until after we had passed him, which sounds like we were avoiding him, which I guess we were but he is out there every time I go to the loop.

The first person to actually stop us had stopped us once before, and had given us some story about how she was pregnant and just needed some money for some food and saying she hadn’t eaten in days. Back then I felt bad for her, but when I saw her yesterday I had to resist the urge to say something about that particular time. We only stopped long enough for her to say ” do you guys have a dollar I could have?”, which I didn’t.

The second person was a guy, who looked to be in his mid 40’s. This guy was good, in fact if I had any money he might have gotten it. He told us his story about how in the past he used to be a drug addict and he had 2 kids and there hungry and cold and there just trying to get home. At first it seemed as if he was asking for a ride, which there was no way he was getting, but then he suddenly made his intentions clear when he said he didn’t have enough money for his bus ride home, then he asked for $3. Looking at this man, I almost felt sorry, he did look a little dirty and sort of like he hadn’t gotten to shower in a day or two. Once again, I couldn’t help him even if I wanted to, I had no cash.

The third and final time we got stopped was the quickest of the three. It was a older lady, maybe mid to late 50’s…in fact should could have been 60. Her story was that she has a baby at home and she ran out of diapers, the only thing  I could say was sorry.

Despite the fact that I didn’t have any money, the few dishonest people in the world have made it hard to believe anyone’s story, no matter how tragic it may or may not be. I try and at lest listen to everyone’s story, because I to have been on the down and out, maybe not to the extreme that those who are begging for money are but in my own way.

I watched so many people just pretend that they were too good to even say hi to those people, and I just started thinking…

…. Everyone deserves to have there story heard….

…see everyone next week…

my thought process


One of my friends came to me the other day when we were hanging out, and I was playing around with my camera, and said I’d actually like to pick up photography. Now if you know me at all I don’t call myself a photographer, in fact I call myself an artist and leave it at that. Although, I have been known to use a camera to get my point across, I constantly use a variety of different materials to complete my work.

As soon as I realized what he was saying, and what that actually meant, I first off asked him what equipment he had. Although, I believe it’s not the camera that makes the finished piece, I also believe that you can only be as good as your equipment, and you want the ability to change your sizes and what ever else you would like to do. For now, he would be focusing on simple point-and-shoot photography so that I can help with. After giving it some thought, I told him I’d let him come along when I go out shooting sometime and show him what I knew, that is if he was willing to learn.

While I wait for a response from him along with several people to find out if their still interested in participating in some of my upcoming projects, I will be spending time with Jess and shooting some photos of her, some of which may or may not end up on this blog next week…it all depends on the out come of the shots and whether or not she gives me the thumbs up. I’ll be taking graduation pictures of her, more than likely shooting and editing them this weekend, although I will not be bringing my friend along for this shoot, they will be more private.

Let me go ahead and tell you my main principles, which I learned from someone. They are as follows:

Great photos need:

  • Light
  • composition
  • a 2D thought process

Obviously you want your subject to be properly lit but one thing I see most people forget is the 2D thought process. So I know that sounds extremely weird and probably doesn’t make any sense but I am going to explain it. When a photograph is taken, the world that is captured is no longer seen in the 3D way that our eyes see it everyday. The image that the camera captures is a flattened version of what we see. So when you’re picking out your placements and your locations, you should think about that background, it works if you’re there live looking at it, but will it work once that shot is taken…it’s something to think about.

Well that’s gonna do it for me this week folks, I hope you learned something today…and just so you know, you don’t have to own a fancy camera to use those principles, in fact just keeping those thoughts in mind when taking a photograph with any camera, yes that includes your cellphone, can only improve your images.

…Until Next time, keep shooting…

(WOW!! That would make a nice catch phrase for the end of my posts)

Out of left feild


I started to think about the events that have happened in my life recently, the good things and the bad, the victories and the struggles, and I’ve realized something. Being a part time blogger with only the things I choose to expose to the public eye, being out in the open, I always remember to leave you certain things. I’ve gotten asked, via tumblr, how come I never address my problems via my blog or tumblr, whether it be relationship problems or just something going on with family or friends. Well I didn’t answer the person’s question directly, I simply gave them a link to this blog and a date to go read it.

There is a logical explanation as to why I don’t talk about my relationship issues. I don’t want my dirty laundry out there for everyone to see. If I’m having a problem with a particular person there’s no reason for them to read about the situation on my blog, although I don’t consider it to be an off limits subject. It’s just something I do out of respect for the other parties as well as myself, and although I would love to be just as big as some of my favorite celebrities, I want to learn from their mistakes, not recreate them. Lets take Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D’s relationship for a example, in the public’s eye, there was the normal tabloid reports that always surface when the couple is famous, but when they each released a book during or shortly after the down fall of there relationship they both sort of made the other person look like a bad guy in my eyes. Although I’m sure this was done unintentionally  I don’t want to be like that, my relationship problems are, in fact, just that, MY PROBLEMS. So for that particular visitor, I hope that answered your question.

I’ll see all you next week!

back to work


I’m going to start this week’s posting by stating that this week has been all over the place. As some of you may not (those of you know know me in real life), my cousin Derrick has been staying over at my house for a couple of weeks, and if you had ever seen the aftermath of one of his visits you would know that, well its not a negative thing, and here’s why. I can only speak for myself in this respect but when I’m around other people who share the spark for visual creativity, there’s this sort of, spark that ignites the creativity in the air…in my personal experience,  if someone is around someone they respect in the same field, there work just seems to be better. Well for some reason when Derrick is around I start to actually do work again. The following is a example of a idea that I’ve had in for awhile  but I never acted upon…yet something stuck me the other day to start working on it.

This is the concept. It is taken from a album cover from A Day to Remember. The original artwork was done by a artist by the name of Dan Mumford. I’m not simply creating a copy of it larger. I’m transferring it into another medium, which still leaves it as a tribute to the original work.

That’s the one thing I miss about art school the most. When I was with my friends who were in the same area of study, there was this creative spark that I feel was around when I created some of my best work.  I’m not sure if everyone notices this or if its just me, but either way its there…its there.

Moving on! I’ve decided to start a new series of videos, specifically art videos, most of which will be footage of me actually filling the pages in my new “little black book”. All the pages in this book will be filled with black and white images .. in fact there wont even be any grey tones…just black and white. It should be a interesting adventure to say the least.

I’m gonna end this week’s post with a link to the first video of the series. Check it out below!

I hope to see everyone next week.

Take care!

Once you go chrome can you go back?


So this is going against what I normally chose to write about but I feel the urge to go ahead and talk about this. In the world of computers there are two web browsers that are the main stream, widely supported,  and are the two most used by consumers. I personally chose the chrome path, meaning that I use Google chrome as my web browser. My computer is getting up there in years now, in fact its been my work horse for the past four years or so,  which has me thinking that perhaps I need to invest in another computer and let my laptop sit on the back burner and become a occasional use computer. Here’s the question, as such a avid chrome user, should one of Google’s “chrome books” be a contender? Personally I haven’t had any hands on time with them, which sort of bothers me, yet at the same time, don’t people constantly buy things they haven’t ever used, such as windows users who buy there first Mac, or Mac users who buy a windows product,  and don’t even get me started on all the different phones.

Back when Google was testing the Chromebooks, they were sending them to people and basically having them test and report any bugs that they found. I did apply to get one of those early chrome books, and I would have been more than happy to have done the testing for Google, although they did not send me one, which I’m not mad about. But I sort of wish i could find out more about them, I found out that some best buy stores have in store display models…but apparently none of the stores in my area decided to have any of these displays, so I’m not gonna figure anything out that way.

Basically I’m just looking for something just to do my daily, less intense computer….thingys… Which in theory, a Chromebook should be more than capable of handling. One good thing is I could seemly get a small computer which would do most of the things I need for cheaper than buying another windows based laptop, and obviously a lot cheaper than any mac computer. I’m pretty sure that if I get the money shows its self, I’ll look into either picking up a Chromebook or perhaps a kindle fire. I’ve wanted a kindle for quite a while as well and it could take care of some of the strain on my current laptop.

What way would you go?

Just My Luck


 So I was planing to focus on one topic in this post, however, I regret to inform you that based on the events that have happened just prior to this posting being written, it will be rather long and rambling. So as you all I know I was asked to go to New York with my brother, I was going to pretty much experience what the city has to offer to an extent. Well…now that has changed considerably  There is still a trip and it will be to the east coast, but it will not be directly to the New York/New Jersey area…instead it is somewhere in northern Delaware.  Apparently it’s within about two hours of New York and a hour away from Philadelphia, but with it not being the the place I’d always dreamed of going…it leaves me with the question…should I still go? If I do I realize that means I’m probably going to be sitting in a hotel the majority of the time. So far I’m still undecided…

Next up, I officially added my lovely girlfriend, Jess, as an editor on this blog, so please feel free to leave a comment on here thanking her for correcting my horrible spelling and grammar.

I have decided however to go ahead and get the camera equipment I was wanted before going to on the trip, regardless of if I go or where it is that I may be going. I figure it’s not just something I’ll use on trip, it’s something I’ve been looking into for at lest a year, but I’m almost sure it’s in the area of two to three years. Before you ask…if I do go on the trip…regardless of the location i will still be taking pictures along the way, which will then be edited and uploaded to the interwebs.

Yesterday I went and picked up my cousin from his house for a weeks long stay at my house in order to finish a commission that he’s doing for my friend Ben. Needless to say, I was up late last night playing video games and working with him on said commission.

Alright, so here’s the real pain in my behind. This morning I grabbed my laptop which had been put into sleep mode the night before, and set aside while not being used (even though I thought it was going to be a matter of about an hour or so, which turned into it sitting there unused all night), and when I started it back up there was a little icon in the bottom corner of the screen showing a little red “X” by my battery icon. Which, after hovering my cursor over, means that there is a problem with my battery, which you may know that I’ve had for less than a week… ONE WEEK!!!!! Actually I personally haven’t even had it a week, I got it this past Sunday and it is officially Saturday morning. Anyway, I tried restarting my computer and blowing some canned air in the battery slot on my laptop to make sure it wasn’t just some access dirt or something that had made its way in there…but no…nothing helped. Since I got it as a payment from a friend for doing a custom layout for one of his social networking pages, he ordered it via his eBay account…now, granted I do know the password for it, it is going to be rather hard to work all this out, given that I wont get any sort of alert that the seller has replied to my message unless I happen to think to log into the account and…well you get the idea…What a wonderful way to start your morning. Now it’s not just a “man-this-blows” moment because my battery is faulty, but it sucks even more because the seller doesn’t cover return shipping costs and there’s sort of a time crunch to get a replacement if I wanna get everything back up and running in case I decide to go on that trip. What a great way to start a day, am I right??

Since you all stayed with me, and read through all of my ramblings, I’m going to give you guys a special something. Ok, most of you wont care but its the thought that counts isn’t it?

As very few of you may know I’m a mincraft fan, and I do try to build realistic things in it from time to time (I play on Xbox 360, and no I don’t have Xbox Live). Last night I started rebuilding the single biggest thing I had ever attempted  Awhile back I started building  a hockey arena, and I had it close to completion but I lost the flash drive that particular world was saved on. So since I had more than just myself to actually build it  I went ahead and started. I didn’t finish it but I did get the ice laid down and a decent amount of the seating put in on once side…so today’s treat is…a scan of the  little blueprint that i made up for the ice its self. Showing you where all the lines go and how many blocks and blah blah blah. Sooo, for those of you who care, please enjoy…and no I’m not going to give you the information on how to build the rest of the arena. That’s for me to know and you…well I’m sure you’ll see the arena but I’m not gonna say you’ll find out how I made it.

Until next time, Stay classy WordPress…oh and keep a eye on your laptop battery.

*I wonder what else will happen today*

Getting back into the swing of things: attempt number…who knows


As I sit here on my computer, day after day, searching for some form of inspiration to create something other than the small bits of graphic design work I do for my friends, I realize that, once again, I have failed to update this blog in the process. I read plenty of blogs online scattered among a bunch of different themes, and yet some how it never sinks into my head that I have had loyal readers and I’m sure I have lost the few that I’ve had in the past. So now, once again, I sit here planning to relaunch or start to regularly update this blog, yet I know that more than likely I will fail.  Maybe that’s not the right way to look at it, though.

I’ve tried to get my beautiful girlfriend Jess (whom I’m sure you have seen at least mentioned in past blog entries, well before I took the old ones down) to start blogging for whats seemed like years, and she has finally started. In fact it is the inspiration that I’m gathering from her…hearing how she has two posts on her blog and gets more views than I ever get, and she’s just starting out, that is making me try again. It’s not that I’m jealous or even that I feel that I should be better, it’s just that it reminded me that I used to love doing this. I used to make sure to update weekly, if not daily.

What happened?

I’m not sure, but thanks to seeing her drive, her willingness to still push content out, regardless if two people read it or two hundred, I want to try again.

So this, more than likely, wont be counted in my weekly posts just because I consider it more of a declaration than a regular post….so with that being said….

I’ll see you you on Friday.

*thinks…man it feels good to say that again…*

I’m Officially Mobile


I feel that this needs to be said. I’ve actually gotten a few semi-hateful emails that were sent to the account that I used to give out for questions/comments about this bloh. So now it’s time to address them. The most common complaint is that I’ll talk about doing something and then never post any content showing or talking about said activity. Your actually completely right….I do that a lot, so now in a effort to make everything a bit more accessible and more likely that I will actually post a picture or something, I have downloaded the WordPress app for android onto my phone. Hopefully I’ll use it, in fact this next week or so would be the perfect time to do exactly that.



Today, I was sitting around eating lunch and watching TV shows on Netflix when I received a text message from my brother. Wait a second, let me back up and explain bit more of a back story on why this text message was/is  “blog worthy”. I’ve always had this dream of traveling and taking photographs along the way, not necessarily for to sell them, my thoughts never went beyond the actual experience of taking them. Sadly enough I haven’t gotten to do as much traveling as I would have liked, and I only have photos from the St.Louis area, but it appears that exact thing might change. OK so back to the text message, I’ve already told you it was from my brother and I’ve giving you the hint that I might finally be able to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, now I tell you exactly what it is…and more importantly where it is.

He text-ed me telling me that he might being to New York to do some training for his job. He went on to invite me to go along…I don’t think that most of you will realize how grand of a opportunity this is for me. Ever since I pressed my eye up to a viewfinder of a camera when I was a kid I always dreamt of doing something along this sort.

At the current moment I’m unemployed, and I have no money, and my art career is going nowhere fast. What better time then now?

Well in fact I wouldn’t be leaving until the end of march if this trip actually happens. I’m hoping it dose.

Don’t get me wrong I love St.Louis and I don’t have any plans on leaving  on a permanent basis …but this is something…that for my dreams…I have to do.

…when did I become a teacher?…


A friend of mine came to me today asking if I have any pointers for someone starting out in photography. For some reason I had this out of body experience where I was telling him yes I had pointers but if I was going to teach him it was gonna be the right way, which meant giving him a crash course in every aspect of photography the way I see it. I Found myself typing out this “lesson” which I tell him to go take this many pictures and this many should be in this setting, this many should be of this other setting and this many should have this particular element in them. I Saw myself  Finishing up the word document and I was blown away, it sounded super official and like I was some sort of professional photography teacher, hell normally I don’t even call myself a photographer, let alone a teacher. After typing out his first lesson, I went ahead and sent it to him, and I found myself thinking towards the future lessons I had in mind.

Anyways, I’m gonna stick with it and continue to teach him everything that I know. Why not? Perhaps I’ll teach him something useful, or that he will actually learn something and still enjoy running around with his face pressed up against the back of his camera with his eye mashed into the view finder.

I wish someone would have taught me on a more personal level. I learned everything threw looking at photos and reading Q&A sections posted online with some of my favorite photographers. I did have some instruction threw the editing process but nothing really with the actually capturing of the photograph its self. I’m not trying to complain, in fact I find it humbling that someone likes what I’ve done enough to ask me to teach them about it, even thought I’ve still got ton’s to learn.

If you would like to get the “lessons” that I’m giving my “student” comment or email me, perhaps I’ll agree to teach you what I know as well.