Searching for a new way to get lost


Lately my life has become cluttered with social events, romantic landmarks and just personal roadblocks that have somehow halted me in my path to getting to where I think I want to be. Now normally you would hear about how some unplanned event stopped someone from doing a particular event that had been planned, but this…well you can’t plan this.

It seems like everything around me is either standing still or moving so slow you can’t tell it’s even moving, and even though I would hate to admit this, my artistic mind…well that’s one of those slow moving elements in my life. I haven’t touched my studio in what seems like forever…which makes me question having it some days.

I’ve found myself holding back my true thoughts and feelings from those around me. The one’s who used to encourage the inspiration to flow, well some of them have now become more of a, well they have sorta stopped it. I won’t say who exactly I get this huge stressed out feeling from because I know they would be offended, but I can’t help it if they always leave me feeling stressed out and inspirationally drained.

Some people have referred me to articles saying thirty thousand different ways to regain the inspiration that I have seemingly lost. But when it comes down to it maybe I just need to start with turning off the outside world when I’m trying to work…maybe that could help start to regain some of what has been lost. If not, well then it looks like I might have to start resorting to more drastic measures.


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