back to work


I’m going to start this week’s posting by stating that this week has been all over the place. As some of you may not (those of you know know me in real life), my cousin Derrick has been staying over at my house for a couple of weeks, and if you had ever seen the aftermath of one of his visits you would know that, well its not a negative thing, and here’s why. I can only speak for myself in this respect but when I’m around other people who share the spark for visual creativity, there’s this sort of, spark that ignites the creativity in the air…in my personal experience,  if someone is around someone they respect in the same field, there work just seems to be better. Well for some reason when Derrick is around I start to actually do work again. The following is a example of a idea that I’ve had in for awhile  but I never acted upon…yet something stuck me the other day to start working on it.

This is the concept. It is taken from a album cover from A Day to Remember. The original artwork was done by a artist by the name of Dan Mumford. I’m not simply creating a copy of it larger. I’m transferring it into another medium, which still leaves it as a tribute to the original work.

That’s the one thing I miss about art school the most. When I was with my friends who were in the same area of study, there was this creative spark that I feel was around when I created some of my best work.  I’m not sure if everyone notices this or if its just me, but either way its there…its there.

Moving on! I’ve decided to start a new series of videos, specifically art videos, most of which will be footage of me actually filling the pages in my new “little black book”. All the pages in this book will be filled with black and white images .. in fact there wont even be any grey tones…just black and white. It should be a interesting adventure to say the least.

I’m gonna end this week’s post with a link to the first video of the series. Check it out below!

I hope to see everyone next week.

Take care!


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