Once you go chrome can you go back?


So this is going against what I normally chose to write about but I feel the urge to go ahead and talk about this. In the world of computers there are two web browsers that are the main stream, widely supported,  and are the two most used by consumers. I personally chose the chrome path, meaning that I use Google chrome as my web browser. My computer is getting up there in years now, in fact its been my work horse for the past four years or so,  which has me thinking that perhaps I need to invest in another computer and let my laptop sit on the back burner and become a occasional use computer. Here’s the question, as such a avid chrome user, should one of Google’s “chrome books” be a contender? Personally I haven’t had any hands on time with them, which sort of bothers me, yet at the same time, don’t people constantly buy things they haven’t ever used, such as windows users who buy there first Mac, or Mac users who buy a windows product,  and don’t even get me started on all the different phones.

Back when Google was testing the Chromebooks, they were sending them to people and basically having them test and report any bugs that they found. I did apply to get one of those early chrome books, and I would have been more than happy to have done the testing for Google, although they did not send me one, which I’m not mad about. But I sort of wish i could find out more about them, I found out that some best buy stores have in store display models…but apparently none of the stores in my area decided to have any of these displays, so I’m not gonna figure anything out that way.

Basically I’m just looking for something just to do my daily, less intense computer….thingys… Which in theory, a Chromebook should be more than capable of handling. One good thing is I could seemly get a small computer which would do most of the things I need for cheaper than buying another windows based laptop, and obviously a lot cheaper than any mac computer. I’m pretty sure that if I get the money shows its self, I’ll look into either picking up a Chromebook or perhaps a kindle fire. I’ve wanted a kindle for quite a while as well and it could take care of some of the strain on my current laptop.

What way would you go?


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