Getting back into the swing of things: attempt number…who knows


As I sit here on my computer, day after day, searching for some form of inspiration to create something other than the small bits of graphic design work I do for my friends, I realize that, once again, I have failed to update this blog in the process. I read plenty of blogs online scattered among a bunch of different themes, and yet some how it never sinks into my head that I have had loyal readers and I’m sure I have lost the few that I’ve had in the past. So now, once again, I sit here planning to relaunch or start to regularly update this blog, yet I know that more than likely I will fail.  Maybe that’s not the right way to look at it, though.

I’ve tried to get my beautiful girlfriend Jess (whom I’m sure you have seen at least mentioned in past blog entries, well before I took the old ones down) to start blogging for whats seemed like years, and she has finally started. In fact it is the inspiration that I’m gathering from her…hearing how she has two posts on her blog and gets more views than I ever get, and she’s just starting out, that is making me try again. It’s not that I’m jealous or even that I feel that I should be better, it’s just that it reminded me that I used to love doing this. I used to make sure to update weekly, if not daily.

What happened?

I’m not sure, but thanks to seeing her drive, her willingness to still push content out, regardless if two people read it or two hundred, I want to try again.

So this, more than likely, wont be counted in my weekly posts just because I consider it more of a declaration than a regular post….so with that being said….

I’ll see you you on Friday.

*thinks…man it feels good to say that again…*


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